Installation draws near

The cabinets are nearly finished and are due to be delivered to our studios next week, so we can start assembling the artwork.

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Progress Report

Our artwork now has a title:

‘The Old inside the New’

which reflects the historical thread of the work – connecting the history of all the hospitals in Peterborough and presenting it in the brand new Peterborough City Hospital.

We are currently constructing the cabinets, and assembling the contents.  Check here for regular updates and photos.

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Construction of artwork

The community consulation has now ended, and we are about to start construction of the artwork – which will be installed in the hospital at the beginning of September.

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed with their stories, memories, artifacts and photos – will will try to include as many as possible!

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Peterborough City College

Lisa & Natasha are at Peterborough City College today, talking to students and staff about their memories of being in, and working in, hospitals in the Peterborough district.

‘I worked as a medical secretary at the old memorial 45 years ago. We were based in a wooden building with all the patients notes, and we all smoked – what a fire hazard!’

‘When I was 3 and a half years old I fell out of an upstairs bedroom window. I was rushed into Peterborough hospital….I vividly remember waving goodbye to my mum from the window and crying because she was going away.’

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Artists on Site!

Today artists Lisa and Natasha have been on site in the new Peterborough city Hospital.

From our base in the exhibition area, we have been collecting memories and experiences from patients, visitors and staff. Surrounded by the exhibition charting the history of Peterborough’s healthcare system, we have been talking to staff who recall, in some cases, decades of working in a changing and challenging hospital environment. The most interesting part of this has been talking to a range of visitors, and staff of all disciplines from the office to the operating theatre – everyone has a memory to share and a story to tell!

We will be here again next Wednesday 20th – come up and say hello!


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Our Histories: Peterborough’s Hospital Heritage

We are making an artwork about the history of Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals, and need your reminiscences!

What are your memories of Peterborough and Stamford hospitals? Did you stay in the childrenn’s ward when you were young or do you remember the excitement of having a baby at Peterborough Maternity Unit? Perhaps you worked at the hospitals as a nurse or doctor dring the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s? Or were you one of the construction workers or engineers helping to build the District Hospital during the 1960s or Edith Cavell Hospital in the 1980s?

All memories, however recent, will help us build a unique picture of Peterborough and Stamford hospitals and may be included in the artwork.

Please post your reminiscences here or contact us at

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